Asoniya Pillow 15 x 9 in (40×25 cm)

Pillow “Asonia” 40×25 cm is designed for comfortable and complete rest and sleep with the peculiarity of vivid dreams, maintaining a vigorous state throughout the day, improving memory, massage, relaxation, meditation.

Made from: synthetic fabric – 100%, filler – microspheres – 100%.

The products are made of high quality fabric with water-repellent impregnation. The product filler is chemically neutral, hydrophobized, does not retain odor, has a high mobility coefficient, and evenly distributes the load on the entire surface of the product. Due to the accumulation and distribution of heat creates a feeling of comfort. It creates pseudo-fluid and pseudo-zero gravity effects.

To Use For:

  • comfortable rest, good sleep, vivid dreams (as an active process of psychological defense);
  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • memory improvement;
  • relaxing and calming effect;
  • assistance in the development of creative and logical thinking (using special techniques);
  • stress relief of various muscle groups of the limbs and trunk.
  • Shake before use, evenly smooth the product, or give the desired shape.
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Size15 x 9 in (40X25 cm)
Weight600 gr / (1.32 pounds)

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