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Asoniya Pillows 17×15 in (44×38 cm)

Asoniya is an exclusive anatomic pillow for the new generation Asoniya’s pillow provides each individual a number of really wonderful improving opportunities. The pillow of “Asoniya” possesses the unique physical properties caused by features of its filler which doesn’t have analog in the world. The filler of the pillow represents powder from hollow microspheres of …

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Asoniya Pillow 15 x 9 in (40×25 cm)

Pillow “Asonia” 40×25 cm is designed for comfortable and complete rest and sleep with the peculiarity of vivid dreams, maintaining a vigorous state throughout the day, improving memory, massage, relaxation, meditation. Made from: synthetic fabric – 100%, filler – microspheres – 100%. The products are made of high quality fabric with water-repellent impregnation. The product …

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