Lace Shorts Are Here For Men This Summer


For a very long time, men’s fashion was sort of boring. Women had the privilege of different styles of all kinds of outfits, while on the other hand, there wasn’t a big choice for men from the well-worn suits, jackets, socks, etc. But, fashion is a way of expressing yourself and the designers of men’s clothes are beginning to widen and enlarge their collections. But keep in mind, the difference between female clothes and ugly clothes is a matter of opinion in many cases. So as new male designs are launched, not everyone is going to be approving and satisfied. That is, without a doubt, the case for lace shorts for men designed by LA-based brand Hologram City.

New Lace Shorts For Men

As the weather gets warmer, people are leaving their coats and replacing them with their shorts. But Hologram City discovered a gap in men’s clothing designs: lace. Clearly, lace shirts for men are already at hand, but what do you think about lace shorts? Pastel-colored lace shorts that are see-through, actually. That’s surely one solution to let the skin breathe during the hot weather.

Hoza Rodriguez, the owner of Hologram City, designed this set for one of rapper Cazwell’s music videos. In the video, Cazwell and four other men appear wearing colorful lace pants and shirts. And they aren’t the first ones to do that. In 2013 Versace had male models wearing lace, and also Gucci in 2015. Additionally, Hologram City has been designed for other stars like Ciara, Miley Cyrus, Jordyn Woods, Fergie, and J-Lo’s backup dancers.

Now, people know Hologram City for its bold and revealing party-wear, but they are mixed when it comes to these male lace shorts. Their price is $42 and are available in pastel purple, blue, pink, green, and yellow. Also, you can purchase matching lace button-up shirts. The colors are not chosen by accident. Actually, many people applaud Hologram City for presenting more “feminine” colors for their male customer base.

The Response

Certainly, Twitter had plenty of opinions about the new trend.

“Not sure what direction this new Power Rangers is going…” one user joked.

“I could almost — ALMOST — understand standard Bermuda-type shorts with a lace overlay,” another person commented. “But you can see the guys’ tighty whities through these.”

“Lace shorts for men??! Y’all gotta chill with this stuff man.”

“The problem is not that they’re “for men“… even if they were made for women, I would still hate them,” said one user, and another one supported him, saying, “Agreed. The chaffing, the seeing too much, pairing them with high white socks…just so many problems that don’t even have to do with gender.”

But some people supported this idea. “Jayden smith and myself will endorse this,” said one of them.

Another user said, “I would love to see my boyfriend in these! Especially with contrasting underwear? Hell yes. Pastels for all.”

Numerous people believe that designers should be more adventurous in relation to men’s clothing. In the end, fashion is a tool to express oneself and men deserve more various choices. Men skirts are already out there, after all, and in recent times, rompers too. Equal right is a two-way street. Also, many people thought lace shorts for men could work but with some tweaking.

Yet, one user wrote, “I wanted to write something along the lines of ‘well, equal rights.’ Or something. But then I noticed. And it was like lightning. They are lace shorts. And yet, they have spacious pockets. Just how unfair can the fashion industry be?” Hard to agree in this case. Maybe as designers reconstruct “feminine” outfits and lace for men, they could take a leaf out of men’s clothes to give to women. Pockets are something that is very necessary.

Rompers for Men

While we are on the subject of reconstructing “feminine” outfits, the rompers for men had received a mixed reaction, like the lace shorts. As it is, many people had positive and many people had negative opinions.

But, ACED Design, who were the creators of the RompHims, didn’t sweat the criticism. A spokesman stated, “It was very cool to see so many people supporting the Kickstarter [campaign]. We knew the product was something we would wear, and we had gotten positive initial feedback from a wide range of people who tested it out, but we really didn’t foresee it being so popular on day one.

“With any new fashion, there will be supporters and critics, but we look forward to using the feedback to continue to make standout clothing. All that really matters to us is that those wearing the RompHims are confident and comfortable with their own styles. That’s part of the fun of fashion.”





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