The Supermodel Who Is World’s Most Beautiful Woman, According To Science


Since the time we were kids we were told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This means that people’s perception of beauty is different. Yet, science claims something else about that. As this doctor claims, science can be used to determine who is, actually, the most beautiful woman in the world. Here is science’s choice.

Plastic Surgeon Uses Science To Determine The World’s Most Beautiful Woman

In their own way, everyone is beautiful. People also become more or less beautiful when you start to know them better– personality really makes a difference. Still, there is something to be said as to what is “objectively beautiful” – what the majority can agree on is beautiful at first glance. In the opinion of the European renaissance architects, the “golden ratio” is the physical measurement of, well, perfection.

Modern scientists have used this rule to mathematically explain why some people are viewed as beautiful and others aren’t. Plastic surgeon Dr. Julian DeSilva, who is based in London, used this ratio to scientifically determine who is the most beautiful woman in the world. The answer is supermodel Bella Hadid.

The Golden Ratio

As said before, the golden ratio was first developed by ancient architects to help them build their perfect masterpieces. According to this ratio the perfect female face:

—       Is 1.5 times longer than it is wide

—       Is equidistant between the hairline to the middle of the eyes, then to the bottom of the nose, and finally to the bottom of the chin.

—       Has ears the same length as the nose

—       Has the same width between the eyes as is the length of the eye itself

As professor Kendra Schmid claims, who first talked about this ratio in 2009 on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the majority scores between 4 and 6. No one has a 10 score, but Bella Hadid was the closest out of all. Her score was 94.35% accurate to the golden ratio.

The World’s Most Beautiful Women

Of course, it is difficult to really compare the supermodels between them. Anyway, nothing will ever get in the way of people trying. According to DeSilva’s research, the list of the most beautiful women in the world (according to science) is this:

  1. Bella Hadid – 94.35%
  2. Beyonce – 92.44%
  3. Amber Heard – 91.85%
  4. Ariana Grande – 91.81%
  5. Taylor Swift – 91.64 percent
  6. Kate Moss – 91.05 percent
  7. Scarlett Johansson – 90.91 percent
  8. Natalie Portman – 90.51 per cent
  9. Katy Perry – 90.08 percent
  10. Cara Delevingne – 89.99 per cent

To make this list, De Silva used computerized facial mapping techniques.

Like It Or Not, The Ratio Is Real

Many of us believe that what we consider beautiful is a result of what the media, movies, television, and the internet shows us. While these do influence us in some ways, the reality is that there are certain ratios and symmetry that people naturally prefer. Researchers have discovered this right away from the time we are born.

The fact that babies are drawn to the same types of faces that adults regard as beautiful is a very significant point. This is because babies have not yet been shaped by cultural influences. They don’t like something because somebody told them they are supposed to, they like it because they really do.

All this aside, just because your face doesn’t automatically match this so-called “golden ratio” of beauty, doesn’t mean that you aren’t beautiful. Nor does it mean that you aren’t worthy – worthy of love, happiness, and success. Don’t let these numbers and someone else’s opinions convince you in the opposite.









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