The Top 26 Alkaline Foods on the Planet (Eat more to prevent heart disease and obesity)


The American diet is unfortunately rich in GMO, heavily processed, and fast foods and their harmful ingredients severely endanger our health.  They actually bring the body in a state of acidosis, and it becomes prone to numerous diseases and ailments. 

In order to be healthy and strong, our body needs to be slightly alkaline, so we should consume alkaline foods that will neutralize acidosis and improve our overall health.

According to Yuri Elkaim, a pro soccer player who worked as the strength and conditioning and nutrition coach at the University of Toronto is a registered holistic nutritionist and fitness expert:

Eating high alkaline foods simply means you’re eating more of certain foods to help prevent your blood from becoming too acidic, which promotes your health in endless ways.

In fact, among other things your body has a hard time properly producing energy in an acidic internal environment, as an acidic state leaves less oxygen available to your cells for energy production (1).

It just so happens that the most alkalizing foods are plant foods, which makes them excellent food choice when you’re eating for energy. Therefore, eating energizing, alkaline foods simply means you’re eating more fruits and vegetables.”

The top 5 alkaline foods include:

  Melons, which have a pH value of 8.5. They also cleanse the colon and hydrate the body

— Olive oil is high in Monosaturated acids and vitamin E and alkalizes the body

— Flax seeds are high in fiber and vitamin E, and fight inflammation in the body

— Swiss Chard is a highly alkaline food with potent antibacterial and antiviral properties

— Buckwheat will energize the body and support heart health

Moreover, make sure you also increase the intake of the following alkaline foods:

Spinach – High in vitamins

Mango – Detoxifies the colon

Parsley — Cleanses the intestines

Broccoli — Reduces cholesterol

Lemons — Prevent coughs and flu

Alfalfa Sprouts – Regulate hormones, and help digestion

Pineapple – Helps weight loss

Grapes – High in vitamins and antioxidants, and lower blood pressure

Cucumber — 90% water and boosts skin health

Garlic — Lowers high blood pressure

Bananas — Superfood

Avocado – Rich in Monosaturated fats, and improves heart health

Carrots — Improve eyesight, due to the high beta-carotene content

Berries – High in antioxidants

Sauerkraut –High in probiotics

Quinoa – Regulates blood sugar

Cauliflower – Rich in nutrients

Papaya — Cleanses the colon

Oranges — Prevent and treat cold

Seaweeds – High in iron, regulates acid levels in the body

Grapefruit – High in vitamin C and vitamin A


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